A Grain of Wheat


In His Steps

On account of His name;
Here we stand:
Before an unjust judge;
Who rules this land

Make up your minds,
Not to worry beforehand
How you will defend yourselves,
Or explain your stand.

Whenever you are arrested
And brought to trial,
Do not worry,
About what you will say.

Jesus said, “I will give you
Words and wisdom
That no adversary,
Can resist or contradict.”

“Say whatever is given you,
At the time
For it will not be you speaking,
But the Holy Spirit.”

Now all men hate us
Because we belong to Him,
Even our friends and brothers,
Call for our death.

Now our hearts are troubled
But let’s not pray
“Father, save us from
This hour.”

Let our prayer rather be
“Father, glorify Your name.”
For this reason
Jesus came.

Unless this little kernel
Of wheat falls,
To the ground and dies,
It remains single.

But, if it dies
It produces many seeds
Let us lay down our lives
That souls may live.

In this hour we know
The prince of this world
Stands condemned
He has no hold on us.

But Jesus lifted up
Now draws men to Himself
And standing firm
We gain eternal life.



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