Destined for a fall


Destined for a Fall

Destined for a Fall
There was a people long ago
Who had great riches, wealth untold;
They built a city with a wall,
A kingdom they thought would never fall.

How they laboured unceasingly
To lay up treasure increasingly;
They gave no thought to what lay beyond,
That their kingdom would someday be gone.

But one by one the stones came down;
The city was leveled to the ground,
No more fortune to be found,
No one left to wear a crown.

The mighty kingdom fell at last;
Its beauty’s gone, its pleasure’s past;
All was lost they sought to gain,
Their lives were wasted, their labor vain.

You can build a kingdom with a mighty wall,
But like the kingdom long ago, it is destined for a fall,
Unless Christ the Lord becomes your King
And ruler of everything.

—Perry Boardman

Note: This poem can be sung to the tune of “One Tin Soldier” by Joni Mitchell.


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