Praying for the Nation


This prayer was written for the use of an intercessory group – with people taking turns to  read aloud the prayer points. The group might spend a few minutes in quiet prayer after each prayer point has been read.

1. Thank You, Father, King of the universe, for You created all the nations of the world and You chose for us the country of our birth as our portion and inheritance.

2. We exalt Your name for You rule over the nations. Thank you for Your rich blessings and bountiful care over our land from the beginning. We acknowledge Your lordship over our land and people.

3. Thank You for the fertile land, for rain, for abundance of crops, for cattle and livestock that You have provided. Thank You for the trade that brings wealth to our shores and for Your blessing on our commerce and industries.

4. Thank You for granting us wisdom and skill in mathematics and science, music and the arts. We acknowledge that You alone give us the ability to create wealth and to excel.

5. Thank You for the freedom to practice our faith. We pray that this freedom will never be taken away from us.

6. Thank You for sending us workers to seek the lost in our land and to preach Your truth. Thank You for our fathers who served the living God and taught us Your ways. We pray that they as well as Christians who preach the gospel in distant lands will receive their full reward. Let their labour never be in vain. Thank You for Your great faithfulness in preserving Your church in our land.

7. Father, we acknowledge that while Your mercies to us have been unfailing, we as a nation have strayed from Your ways. Your word declares that righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to a people. Our sins are before You and the time for judgment is ever near, so we humbly come before You to plead for forgiveness.

8. Forgive us the sins of our land from ancient times: for rebellion, idolatry and witchcraft, for sexual immorality, for the shedding of innocent blood and for cruelty toward our fellow men through an unjust class system. We pray that our people will turn away from their sinful ways and embrace the righteousness of Christ.

9. We pray for righteous leadership in the government. Remove dishonest, corrupt, inept and self-serving leaders from the government and appoint officials that are honest, able and sacrificial in their service to our nation.

10. We pray that You will grant our leaders the wisdom to make right decisions and to reject foolish, unjust and wicked ways. We pray that they will acknowledge the true and living God, and they will act in accordance with Your decrees to establish just laws in our land. We pray that all unrighteous laws such as those legalising abortion and sexual impurity will be changed.

11. We pray that we and our leaders will share a deep concern for the poor, the oppressed and the marginalised in our society; and be willing to help them in any way they can. Remove poverty, destitution and ignorance from this nation. Let none go hungry in our land and give us all the willingness to share of our substance with the needy.

12. Father, we pray that You will keep us safe from famines, earthquakes, floods and natural disasters.

13. Expose the activities of terrorists, drug traffickers and those involved in human trade and deliver us from their hands. Grant that many who are trapped in these evil practices may repent and be saved.

14. We pray that You will appoint righteous people to positions of influence in the media, and that all misuse of the media will come to an end. We pray that forms of music, TV shows and other so called dance and entertainment programmes that have negative or destructive influence on the youth will not be promoted in our land.

15. O God of hosts, we pray that You will defend our boundaries and grant us peace with other nations. Let us never covet the inheritance of other nations or seek to harm people weaker than ourselves. Deliver us from all our enemies and preserve us from war and destruction. When an enemy comes against us in one direction, scatter them in seven. Cause confusion in their camps and render them powerless. Help us to love our neighbour as ourselves and to build our land.

16. Father, we pray that our children will walk in righteousness before You. Protect them and enable them to choose righteousness and to reject wickedness. Help them to grow wise and strong, and grant us the grace to guide them into Your ways. Help them to serve one another in love.

17. Lord, the greatest blessing we seek from Your hand is this: May the light of the gospel be spread throughout our nation and let our people turn from darkness into Your wonderful light. Draw us near to You and grant us the privilege to be Your people.

18. Father, just as we pray for our land, we also remember all the nations of the world. Let each land become open to receive the light of the gospel and be freed from their slavery to the devil.

19. We pray especially for the Christian nations of the world: that they will never despise their inheritance as Esau did. Grant them the grace to return to You, the God of their fathers and to serve You with all their hearts. Do not put them to shame O God, but restore them to Your favour. Send a revival among their churches and let their children choose Your ways. Remember the devotion of their youth and all their sacrifices for the sake of the gospel. Forgive their sins and grant them true repentance. Protect them from all harm and let the church grow strong in these lands.

20. We also pray for the nations of the world that practice other faiths. Bring them to the truth and remove all blindness from them. Honour the labour of Christian workers in these lands and break the hold of false belief over the lives of the people. Rescue Christians who suffer persecution and vindicate their cause.

21. When people from these places seek to impose their false beliefs and laws upon Christian nations and people, we pray that You will tie up their hands and confuse their works. Show Yourself strong on behalf of Your people.

22. O God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, we pray for Israel, Your firstborn among the nations. Thank You for ending their exile and bringing them back to their land. Thank You,  Father, that You have promised to remove their hearts of stone and to give them hearts of flesh. May Your law be written on the tablets of their hearts. Remove the veil that blinds their eyes, so that they may recognise Jesus their Messiah and weep for the One whom they have pierced as one weeps for a firstborn son.

23. Heal Israel and restore them to their spiritual inheritance for they have received double from Your hands for all their sins. Let them return to You and Your blessing in these days. Deliver them from all their enemies and bring peace to Jerusalem. In Christ let them be reconciled even to their enemies and enable them to live in peace.

24. Father, in Your mercy, hear our prayers for this land and for all the nations You have created.


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