The power of small things

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Arundhati Roy, an Indian writer won the Booker prize for her book “the god of small things”. Whilst I have never been interested in the book, I have pondered on the title for decades.

God loves small things. God begins new things in a small way. The small is BIG.

Consider the way we were born. We began as an invisible zygote (fertilised egg) when our father’s sperm met our mother’s ovum. We were barely visible even to our mother initially, but then her bump grew, and grew, until one day we came out as tiny newborn babies.

What if we had come out as fully-grown adults! Thank God that’s not his way of doing things.

God loves to see things grow.

Whether it’s seeds that over time mature and become mighty trees, or people who bit, by bit, change into Christ’s image.

For years I was very impatient with…

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