Mary Magdalene’s Song


The Resurrection Morning

                        (Mary Magdalene’s Song)

I rose from my vale of weeping

The ground beneath was hallowed

My basket of sweet spices

I cast aside, for the fragrance

Of new Life so filled

The crisp morning air.


At dawn, in a bowl overflowing

I’d brought Him my tears

To anoint Him, new spice

Longing to kiss the feet of the Lord

Numb in my dreams, I hear His voice

Now silent in that tomb.


At that voice, the enemy fled

Seven demons that ravaged my soul

And chased me among the graves

The vultures flew at His coming

My night of torment gone; like a child

I awoke in the arms of Love.


“Woman, why weep?” for there I’d wept

To see an empty tomb. Dew

Mingling with tears, and cool breezes

Like veils caressing my cheeks

“My Lord is gone: I know not

Where they’ve laid Him.”


“Mary, Mary”, the voice of the Lord!

Pierced through whorls of sorrow

His voice like rushing waters

Swept every pain from within

O joy! He’s risen!

My eyes, at last He opened


I’d cling to Him, but He sent me

To tell you of His rising

So I come, this holy morning

My soul on hind’s feet leaping

The ground beneath’s sanctified

For Life’s aroma fills the air.




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